kawah putih

Posted by Suci jewels at 13.49

one of beautifull place in bandung kawah putih or white creater.
located in  ciwidey area.
 there is market sell fresh fruit and souvenir ,before in area white creater u can rent car., ask driver  drive his car  high speed.timing journey to white creater is 10-30 minute.
please wear jacket or warm cloth if u want go there because very cold.& remind time longest time   before.


here u go down stairs toward white creater very beautifull, i think is heaven place maybe heaven more beautifull.
creater sometimes looks white but sometimes i saw its blue tosca.

dont forget read rules. dont  throw away bin in here and smoking.

dont forget buy sulfur powder its useful for ur skin disasea.

thanks 4 reading.

leave ur coment  please.

love SUCI



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