clove oil

Posted by Suci jewels at 12.19

its sensible for urban center unhealthy breath oil clove is whole indonesian from tasikmalaya i bought this things once I visited my grand mother's house then my brother told American state i had unhealthy breath therefore driver provide recommendation on behalf of me to bought this oil clove . Well therefore the story therefore fitting to my grandmother's house then unfold to brush my teeth cavities space affected my tongue works its a awfully spicy.

in addition to unhealthy breath menggobati essential oil is additionally helpful to appear at the image here yah

just browse on image below profit essential oil

okay list write translate

 -reduce stiff muscles

-stiff sore


- pain bite bugs

how to use

spread to half pain space PRN.

teethache pour on cotton unfold on space pain teeth

i didnt like scent too odor. warning keep save place.

my mama likes scent however i not as a result of on behalf of me its terribly odor.



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