mutiara's and salma's artwork

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artwork made by mutiara and salma at 2012,
THe  beauty girls made it :)

 tecnic: dry to dry
media:crayon on paper
my student made this picture mutiara and alya one years ago. Me forgot who made flowers. and icecream.

Mutiara she lil bit stuborn but she has talented in drawing and salma she is deligent and smart too. These foto me got captured one years ago  exactly 2012.when they learnt drew with me,

green tea body scrub and spotless white uv body lotion CITRA

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I Got Body scrub and lotion tea citra.

I Bought Body scrub and lotion gift from my relation intan's siraman show.

-BOdy scrub its lil bit oily

but scent soo recent created my mood felt sensible

But lotion i terribly find it irresistible as a result of once ME used it no itch.

Both off them is contain tea sensible for metropolis skin :)

even name citra however their produsen unilever.

-likes body scrub

cheap worth

scent recent

bite swish



body lotion




fast absorb skin



nuvo handsanitizer-aloevera

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nuvo handsanitizer,
Price :3750
Lil bit aqueous
Smell stab
 If you care about hygene before touch ur skin without water hand sanitizer is choice but if u have few money u can buy this product.:) because its cheapest hand sanitizer in supermarket.

effective clean my hand
smells bad
hard absorb

kampung naga's houses

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in the village dragon specified amount without reduction without the addition of the house. In the village dragon their still hold  tradition.

fact about those house.
1.before building house they always made ritual ceremony
2.No electricity they use solar
3. house fixed amount 112 with mosque and hall meetings, so if people increase part of them move to other place
4. mace above door they install repellent reinforcements
5.Home leads towards the North and South. Ciwulan south facing river and north facing forest (hill Cikuray). use natural material
foto: my self captured

i wish i can go there again.

koleksi museum keraton cirebon

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Perhiasaan dan kuningan(mangkuk2x,gelas dan poci).
hadiah dari negara lain.
Lampu kristal.
Kotak perhiasaan.
jamu's box, cup and bowl
Patung timah.
Hmmmm apa yah ini.

Koleksi museum keraton cirebon. Mengingatkan kita akan kejayaan Keraton kesepuhan ini.

Mengingatkan kita, pertukaran antar budaya luar dan lokal.

Mengingatkan kita pentingnya menjaga barang pemberiaan orang lain * sebagian dari koleksi pemberiaan dari negara lain.

Apa yang kita ambil dari hikmah dari gambar diatas?

Menghargai barang pemberiaan orang lain, walaupun kita tidak suka tapi dengan di simpan di tempat yang baik akan menjadi suatu sejarah dan bisa di perkenalkan kepada generasi selanjutnya.Itu contoh sederhananya.

Kedua. tentang pentingnya menjaga warisan leluhur,  walaupun kesannya klise tapi jika kita menjaga warisan leluhur akan menjadi sesuatu yang sangat bernilai harganya.

Ketiga, Tentang mengunjungi warisan budaya maksud disini adalah kita boleh berwisata ke mancanegara tetapi jangan lupakan warisan budaya, soalnya aku lihat ketika saya berkunjung di tempat ini keraton cirebon nyaris sepi  oleh karena itu jangan lupakan warisan leluhur . yah girls 


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Rebana sunan kalijaga's heritage

me got capture 2008 At keraton Cirebon part collection of museum ,keraton cirebon beside gamelan they kept rebana as their collection.
Gamelan it is Indonesian Music Instrument . Different area has different gamelan like sundanesse gamelan and javanesse is different  and same all gamelan have gong.

indonesian have  a lot off  music instrument like gamelan but why most of us prefer proud listening and learning western instrument?

and what happen in here? but me very amazed if young generation or musician want introduce gamelan to world.

back to topic gamelan.

arches gamelan mostly in java, madura, lombok, and bali.
in those foto is type sundanesse gamelan and called gamelan degung.

Gamelan including applied art  because useful for entertain.
so keep and preserve our culture before our culture claim with other country

review Belsoap

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karena sabun mandi aku habis jadinya aku beli yang baru  beli deh Belsoap, gara-gara tertarik dari websitenya bisa mengurangi jamur di kulit * kulit ku punya masalah jamur punggung ku sering gatal dan agak lengket setelah mandi.
Harganya murah hanya 3750
Bahan-bahan sabun tersebut:

Penampakan sabun tersebut:
Busanya hanya sedikit.
Mengurangi gatal di punggung ku walaupun kadang setelah pakai masih terasa gatal.
Tidak membuat kulit kering
Tidak ada baunya. Jadi buat ladies or girl yang berniat umrah bisa memakai produk ini.
:).Sekian dulu review produk hari ini semoga membantu

tidak buat kulit menjadi kering
mungil gampang dibawa-bawa
cocok buat yang ingin menjalankan ibadah umrah karena tidak berbau

tidak suka
kurang efektif mengurangi gatal dan panu
skorsnya 3 dari 5

Henna- chandi

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Last years me umrah then i bought this heena at Shop anything 2 real hehehehe if in Rupiah is 5000-5400
But its made in pakistan. I bought two but lost one , so now i have one henna.
 Tuesday i used it on my toenail.
Henna still wet.
When henna not yet dry i made too much motion soo henna got messy
waited henna until dry 3 hour or 2 hour if u want fast u can use hair drier its can waste time 20 minutes
and rinse with water
the color henna
I like use henna, because its absorb with nail soo i can do prayer.
And I didnt like use henna cause long time dry and vanish 1-2 month.

still can prayer*muslim
long lastimg

long time dry
indonesian store sell it too

homemade mask white-banana

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 white egg
1/4 banana

 Seperation red and white egg.
shake white egg
add banana mash
apply to  face
leave on for 5-10 minute
rinse on warm water
white egg good skin and banana good for reduce  wrinkle this mask match for skin type oily. I tried yesterday but my skin became tight

Pangandaran Beach

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- pangandaran beach.
fisherman caught fish
sunrise in pangandaran beach


Pangandaran beach I incomprehensible  this place, I ever visited in there at 2009 terribly lasting. i'm watched sunrise, compete ocean water till my garments wet and Ate food.

But same with downside in here is way garbage, some folks  not privy to  sanitation its will be destroy


mostly recomended if u need  go there's fish market, u should purchase cannon fodder and food.

if u lazy to cook u will dine in building or caffe they serves meals from fish or food.

if u need looking  in there abundant memento stalls close to beach.

i want sometime i will go there once more.

located in the southeast of West Java, precisely in the Village Pananjung, District Pangandaran, District Pangandaran, West Java Province

Tea field in bandung

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green rug not its tea field.

men from estate agency did job.

 feel contemporary and  i thnk i really like weather..........

that's why a lot of folks like to there lembang, from anyplace most off them from Djakarta that is why , once vacation came Bandung most  plat range b its mean from Djakarta.

me solely gave up the ghost after I  went to ciater.

me saw from buss.

green , inexperienced  and inexperienced.

cloudy, brilliantly or sunny ... i believe in there continually contemporary and beautifull place.

beside tea field lembang a lot of vacation space, restaurant, caffe and hotspring water.

tea field location beside street location lembang.

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