10 fact about cat

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My craft, ME created this one years past 2012, brosch from materials.Only partially not all,Actually i created this learned from net cut andkeepout.net and only 1 i'm created.do u like cat? affirmative i do, cat terribly cute and preety, i'm capture cats and edits in adobe photoshop seven and adobe cs3?

I want keep cat however my female parent not permit ME.

mostly abundant i got captured cat.


i will makes summarry ten truth concerning cat. googling 1st and my data concerning cat

source:google,wikipedia,kucing kita,tempo and birayang

Sources: http://www.birayang.com/2012/08/75-fakta-tentang-kucing-dan-islam.html # ixzz2i4OFP6A9.

1.cat  have name latin :Felis silvestris catus,

2.Female cats pregnant / pregnant for nine weeks, concerning 62-65 days.

3.rasul keep and love cat.

4. cant eat chocolate.

5. will feeling earthquake

6.Ailurofilia may be a term that's typically directed at mania / excessive cat lovers

7.Milk can cause looseness of the bowels in some cats

8.Unfortunate cute Martes pennanti have abundant rumours concerning mistic like Cat believed to be able to see things unseen or the devil incarnation and Martes pennanti is taken into account closely associated with magic-bewitching.

9. persian and Felis domesticus is wise animal

10.In AN authentic hadith, narrated a few girl World Health Organization was sentenced torment of hell as a result of they ne'er feed the cat, and didn't take her cat to feed themselves.

then i do know truth concerning cat and risk keep cat.



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