Wayang cyber

Posted by Suci jewels at 20.31
Last weekday i watched wayang not wayang as standard they decision wayang cyber i got invite from my junior in field they vie truly wayang cyber last vie eight years past however they play come back. proficient Young man..

First pionner wayang cyber is rip moch andy.

..Little bit late from schedule ten.00 begin play ten.30 i believe they wrong wrote as a result of in schedule ten.00-17.00 however they play ten.30 till twelve.00 (Playing wyg cyber and creative person talk) and that they aforesaid seventeen.00 play once more why they didnt wrote like this ten.00-12.00 and 17.00-until nineteen.00. I terribly enjoyed that performance nice performance.In below text regarding wayang cyber and therefore the crew.

Video :

I very proud with them,  because they talented and love our culture wayang



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