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hai girls and ladies.

now i would like review eyecream from oriflame eco beauty its mean ingriedient from organik no animal testing, have certified nautural environtmentally protection.

benefit this product:

after four weeks

1. eye space feels re-energised-81%

2.smoothens dehydrated fine lines-82 the concerns

3. eye space is nourished and guarded half a mile

4. improves signs of fatique-82%

usage recomendation:apply evert morning 0r / and evening on the attention once cleansing.

i have been do that product lilbit result my wrinkle solely disguised, my dishevelled eye decrease solely lil still huge, dark less.

i like scent sleek and simple mix to my eyes contour.

i have recommendation  beside use eye cream u should decrease metropolis habbit sleep last night(begadang) to decrease metropolis eye bag.

product created in poland:)

point 3,5

repurchase? sorry no i believe cause lil bit exhausting to search out Pine Tree State should to be consultan beauty oriflame or search consultan beauty.


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