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kind medicine for antidepressant and if you can't control your emotion you can eat this product me used with depakote.
The effect of this medicine I felt relaxed I can control emotion. I bought this product recommended from psychiatrist Dr Genoa.
this price for me expensive usually I bought (8/9 tablet and 15 depakote) 1/4 prescription total 180.000 rupiah so I ate if urgent time or my emotion is uncontrolled. if you are interested with this product you must consult to psychiathirst.
 feel calm can control emotion
expensive chest felt hurt


Dicky Rahman Ramadhan on 13 September 2013 06.59 mengatakan...

berkunjung :) mantap ini blognya rapih :)

Suci Permatasari on 16 Oktober 2013 17.23 mengatakan...



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