swatch ysl golden gloss-10

Posted by Suci jewels at 15.59
today I need sharing concerning my luxury makeup....
my regular payment is low thus I feel I can't buy this however alhamdulilah I got it free sample however full size.
does one understand regular payment as teacher freelance ?one lipstick YSL or one lipgloss YSl is one month regular payment 320.000 rupiah.
usually I bought something beats stuff discount or sale or least expensive worth on supermarket.
when I was a child I want to be likeYSL (Yves Saint Laurent) he is very smart beside created bag, clothing , shoes, he created cosmetic in fact I am only stupid girl =_=.

i gor ysl golden gloss-10(golden peony)

ysl golden gloss:

source picture


love it, nice design very luxury :)....
i like scent.

swatch on hand:

swatch on my lips:

it is matched?
yes, sometimes if I used lip gloss my lips felt an itch however I used golden gloss not felt itchy.
where to buy?
Ysl counter.
price: 30$ repurchase: no................



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